What is the first session working with a life coach like?

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Getting Clarity

The first step when working with a life coach is for the coach and client to get on the same page.  In my practice I call these clarity sessions.

During a clarity session the coach and client will start by exploring the most relevant topics on the clients mind. The coach will usually ask the client to expand and clarify certain aspects and details along the way in order for the coach to truly understand the clients current perspective.  This is important as the coach’s role is to help the client move from the the life they are living today to the client’s new vision of what their life will look like tomorrow.

As the conversation progresses, the life coach may ask the client additional questions about specific areas in the clients life, we call these Life Zones, this is to help both the coach and client build a broader picture and understand existing resources and potential challenges. Along the way we certainly will uncover areas that the client would like to improve or focus on changing, quite often clients will even surprise themselves with opportunities they did not even expect. Whenever we discover one of these areas we take some time to explore it further and capture thoughts on what a better version would look and feel like for the client.

By the end of a clarity session both the client and coach will have enough raw material to start working on a more detailed version of the client’s vision and life plan. While the coach received some needed information, so many clients find that they leave the session with a sense of elevated clarity and a much clearer picture of how they want to shape their live.

If you are ready to start, you can schedule your free coach clarity session right now!


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