Families with special needs kids – Great Resource

For all my fellow ADHD/ADD parents as well as any families raising a kid with special needs.  I wanted to pass along a great resource my family and many others have found very helpful time and time again. Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.35.18 PM

The Little Tree Homeschool Center and Educational Consultant run by Jen Fauls-Leaver offers some very unique services for those choosing to home school. Jen and the center are also Top Notch when it comes to IEP advocacy as well as Coaching and supporting you through the traditional IEP process.

What I love about this group is their integrity and that the best results for the child is priority one.  So if you need some IEP help or you are thinking about converting to home schooling consider reaching out to them.

Here is a partial list of their services

  1. Portfolio and IEP Goal Approval Package
  2. Homeschool Coaching
  3. IEP Coaching
  4. Standardized Testing Administrator

As always we offer specialized life coaching for parents raising kids with ADD/ADHD. As parents we are the best support structure and resource our kids have.   Click here to learn more…



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