Life Focus – Let’s play a quick game

There is a saying you might already be familiar with. “Where your focus goes your life flows!“. It’s simply another way of saying that you will get more of whatever you focus your attention on. The laws of attraction and the power of positive thinking have all centered around this simple principal.

More of the things I don’t want

Can you think of a time when it seemed like; that the more you focused on not wanting something, the more of whatever that thing was you received? It’s Crazy Right!

Have you every wondered why that is? It’s actually a quite simple answer.  Our subconscious cannot operate in the negative. In other words it cannot process negative language.

So when we say I do not want something, our subconscious brain tries to protect us from the negative thought and strips away the negative.  “I don’t want to fail the interview” becomes “I want to fail the interview“.

Now I wonder what would happen if we obsessed for hours or days over “Not failing the interview“? If we reinforced the importance of that thought over and over again. Right, our brain would set off hard at work looking for all the ways to help us fail the interview.  To see this in action lets play a quick game.

The quick game

The next time you are walking or driving around I want you to focus on Not spotting the blue cars. I mean really try your best to Not focus on any of blue cars.  When you see a blue car remind yourself that you are NOT looking for blue cars.

Certainly do not pass this along to annoy your friends and family.

Connect with us

This was just a fun game to get you thinking about how you can change your approach in setting goals in your life today.  To connect more join our facebook community and see what else you can learn.

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