Passion Patterns: 12 Weeks to relationship transformation

Love happens, but it needs investment to remain healthyCouples coaching and life coaching

Passion Patterns is about creating amazing transformations in your relationship in only an hour or so a week. Passion Patterns is a live 12 week training course, where you will learn (and do) the simple actions that improve romantic relationships.

Passion Patterns is designed for individuals who want to be empowered in their relationships. You can create enormous improvements just by learning this patterns yourself! You may bring your partner with you free of charge at any point in the training.

Online and Local Events

Become Limitless: Passion Patterns is hosted multiple times a year in two formats.

If you live in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas we invite you to join us in person for 12 weekly workshops.

We also offer Passion Patterns in a 12 week live online event format where you and your partner can participate and interact from the comfort of your own home.

To stay connected about upcoming events just fill out the form below. As events are scheduled we will send out information.