Robert Shaw is the coach/owner of Become Limitless

Rob and Nova

Life Coaching.  Robert lives in SE Pennsylvania with his wife Shelby, three kids, and three dogs (Nova, Maggie, Sophie).  He is native to Philadelphia area loves the historical significance of the area and rich cultural diversity. He has a passion for travel and exploring cultures across the globe. He also considers Florida his 2nd home with a youthful love of Disney World.   You can often find him on weekends running a local 5k or half-marathon.

Robert started his education at the Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography and Finished at Penn State.  Initially starting in sales, Robert discovered a passion for technology and software development.

He has invested over 20 years working in the software industry serving in a number of leadership roles.  Along that career path Robert has the opportunity to work for an organization unlike he had encountered before. It was an company founded on the principals of true servant leadership, where the leadership structure exists in service of the employees who report to them.  The leader was directly responsible for the professional and personal development of their employee’s. It was here that Robert found his passion for growing and building life changing skills in others.

After receiving training in NLP certification from Matthew Barnett and Strategic Intervention (SI) certification at The Center for Strategic Intervention under Mark and Magali Peysha Robert started his life coaching practice.

Today Robert provide services in general life coaching, but is also specializing in life coaching for families with ADHD kids and other special needs,  Bringing joy back to people with work life imbalances, and working with professional men who have lost touch with how to connect with their family at home.