Passion Patterns: 12 Weeks to relationship transformation

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Passion Patterns is about creating amazing transformations in your relationship in only an hour or so a week. Passion Patterns is a live 12 week training course, where you will learn (and do) the simple actions that improve romantic relationships.

Passion Patterns is designed for individuals who want to be empowered in their relationships. You can create enormous improvements just by learning this patterns yourself! You may bring your partner with you free of charge at any point in the training.

Online and Local Events

Become Limitless: Passion Patterns is hosted multiple times a year in two formats.

If you live in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas we invite you to join us in person for 12 weekly workshops.

We also offer Passion Patterns in a 12 week live online event format where you and your partner can participate and interact from the comfort of your own home.

To stay connected about upcoming events just fill out the form below. As events are scheduled we will send out information.


Life Focus – Let’s play a quick game

There is a saying you might already be familiar with. “Where your focus goes your life flows!“. It’s simply another way of saying that you will get more of whatever you focus your attention on. The laws of attraction and the power of positive thinking have all centered around this simple principal.

More of the things I don’t want

Can you think of a time when it seemed like; that the more you focused on not wanting something, the more of whatever that thing was you received? It’s Crazy Right!

Have you every wondered why that is? It’s actually a quite simple answer.  Our subconscious cannot operate in the negative. In other words it cannot process negative language.

So when we say I do not want something, our subconscious brain tries to protect us from the negative thought and strips away the negative.  “I don’t want to fail the interview” becomes “I want to fail the interview“.

Now I wonder what would happen if we obsessed for hours or days over “Not failing the interview“? If we reinforced the importance of that thought over and over again. Right, our brain would set off hard at work looking for all the ways to help us fail the interview.  To see this in action lets play a quick game.

The quick game

The next time you are walking or driving around I want you to focus on Not spotting the blue cars. I mean really try your best to Not focus on any of blue cars.  When you see a blue car remind yourself that you are NOT looking for blue cars.

Certainly do not pass this along to annoy your friends and family.

Connect with us

This was just a fun game to get you thinking about how you can change your approach in setting goals in your life today.  To connect more join our facebook community and see what else you can learn.

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Building a Better Me – Personal Development

Personal development is about you taking 100% ownership in you life; your health, your family, your relationships, your professional career. It is making the commitment to build the life that brings you fulfillment. Now is the time to Jump In!

No More Excuses

Are you ready for your moment? That moment when you say “Enough!”, when you stop listening to your inner critics and decide to face life head on. You already know that it will be a journey, and that you will certainly learn some uncomfortable truths about yourself along the way. You now also realize that sitting still and waiting is no longer an option. If any of this rings true with you then welcome to the club!

Change is a choice

We spend so much time waiting for change to happen to us, only to learn later that change was always our choice. Waiting was just easier because up until the moment we choose to accept 100% responsibility for our past, present and future, we have had our excuses to hang on to and comfort us.

Build a Better You

Personal development is a life long commitment to your own growth and potential. It is fueled by being really honest in the mirror and accepting those uncomfortable truths about just who, and where you are today.

It is about taking action and setting plans in motion to improve those life areas that need real attention so that you can have more fulfillment and joy everyday. It is about intentionally changing your outcomes for tomorrow.  Yes it may start slow, but it builds up momentum with each step you take.

If your ready to say “Enough!” and claim your moment, I applaud you.  Take that conviction and feel it deep down inside every part of you.  If you want to keep that momentum growing, I would like to invite you to join our new Facebook group.  It is a community of like-minded people invested in the same journey; inspiring and supporting each other to be better.

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Building a Better Me – Facebook Group



If you are ready to accelerate and amplify your personal development results, you can always contact us to arrange for a free life coaching consultation. A great life coach will help you figure out where you are now,  help you get a clear actionable plan in place, partner with you to silence you inner critics, and break free from limiting beliefs.

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Families with special needs kids – Great Resource

For all my fellow ADHD/ADD parents as well as any families raising a kid with special needs.  I wanted to pass along a great resource my family and many others have found very helpful time and time again. Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 10.35.18 PM

The Little Tree Homeschool Center and Educational Consultant run by Jen Fauls-Leaver offers some very unique services for those choosing to home school. Jen and the center are also Top Notch when it comes to IEP advocacy as well as Coaching and supporting you through the traditional IEP process.

What I love about this group is their integrity and that the best results for the child is priority one.  So if you need some IEP help or you are thinking about converting to home schooling consider reaching out to them.

Here is a partial list of their services

  1. Portfolio and IEP Goal Approval Package
  2. Homeschool Coaching
  3. IEP Coaching
  4. Standardized Testing Administrator

As always we offer specialized life coaching for parents raising kids with ADD/ADHD. As parents we are the best support structure and resource our kids have.   Click here to learn more…



Find freedom in “I don’t know”

I Don’t Know is probably one of the most frequent phrases that I hear from clients. I don’t know stops us in our tracks and it blocks our forward momentum.

What does “I don’t know” really mean?

If you are like me the phrase I don’t know does not always mean that I do not know.  For example it could mean that I do know, butI am not ready to act.  It could mean that I am afraid to speak the truth because my inner critic thinks it is silly or stupid. Maybe I am worried that if I actually answer out loud that I would have to commit to taking a risk and doing something really scary. It may mean that I feel I  am stuck with a decision between two options that I do not like.

As a coach there are many ways we help clients who are stuck at I don’t know. While I won’t have time to elaborate on all of them, I wanted to give two tips to try next time you have to face an I Don’t Know moment.

Embrace It

The power that I Don’t Know has over us is that it really immobilizes our ability to rationalize and think clearly. Because we can’t reconcile some sort of uncomfortable truth our mind franticly searches in loops for a viable alternative.  One very simple yet powerful thing you can do is to stop running from it, turn and just give I don’t know a big hug! The more you run away from it, the more power it has over you.  Try this the next time you come face to face with I don’t know.

  • Stop, take a deep breath in
  • Relax your body & let the breath out
  • As you breathe out admit to yourself with conviction “I DON’T KNOW”.

Really own it in the moment. Don’t be afraid to repeat this a few times,  but eventually you will feel a release. When that happens don’t forget to pause an enjoy the peace.

Explore It

Now that you were able to break the cycle and strip the power of anxiety away from I Don’t Know, you can now start to explore what’s behind it without the panic.  As a coach we know there is real revelation waiting when our clients can fist acknowledge and choose to come face to face with what they are really thinking.  Just know that what comes up may not always seem completely rational. It may be based on a belief of who you think you SHOULD be instead of who you are now or want to be. Our mind plays funny tricks like this all the time. But once you have the honest truth in the open you now have something real to work with. It can be broken down into some things that are smaller and more actionable.

I will often ask clients to complete this sentence out loud quickly and without thinking about it. We have a short window (5 seconds) where if we start thinking our internal filters will kick in and block the answer.

Ready don’t think, just answer.

I don’t know because I …. 

That thought that came into you head just now is likely the sticking point. Repeat the sentence again a few times. Try it on, so to speak, to see if it resonates as true.

By learning to embrace and explore I don’t know, you are taking a bold step towards being really honest and authentic with yourself. These Aha moments help us grow, learn and live more fulfilled lives.

I hope this tip comes in handy one day.  If you need some help tackling your I don’t knows or just really wan’t to amplify reaching your personal or professional goals.  We offer a free life coaching consultation.  It’s easy just fill out the form in the link below and we’ll get you scheduled for a free discovery session.

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What is the first session working with a life coach like?

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Getting Clarity

The first step when working with a life coach is for the coach and client to get on the same page.  In my practice I call these clarity sessions.

During a clarity session the coach and client will start by exploring the most relevant topics on the clients mind. The coach will usually ask the client to expand and clarify certain aspects and details along the way in order for the coach to truly understand the clients current perspective.  This is important as the coach’s role is to help the client move from the the life they are living today to the client’s new vision of what their life will look like tomorrow.

As the conversation progresses, the life coach may ask the client additional questions about specific areas in the clients life, we call these Life Zones, this is to help both the coach and client build a broader picture and understand existing resources and potential challenges. Along the way we certainly will uncover areas that the client would like to improve or focus on changing, quite often clients will even surprise themselves with opportunities they did not even expect. Whenever we discover one of these areas we take some time to explore it further and capture thoughts on what a better version would look and feel like for the client.

By the end of a clarity session both the client and coach will have enough raw material to start working on a more detailed version of the client’s vision and life plan. While the coach received some needed information, so many clients find that they leave the session with a sense of elevated clarity and a much clearer picture of how they want to shape their live.

If you are ready to start, you can schedule your free coach clarity session right now!


“Find more happy!”