1 What types of challenges or goals can a coach help with?

A: We can help you with many types of life challenges. We specialize in topics such as stress management, personal motivation or fulfillment. When you sign up, let us know what you would like to work on or accomplish.

2 How do I choose a coach?

A: The biggest factor in any successful coaching outcomes is building high level of trust between client and coach. Now it can take a few sessions to build a level of deep trust, but having an initial consultation with a prospective coach is very beneficial for getting a sense that the coach is a good match.

3 How and when can I expect to communicate with my coach?

A: As a coach I work with client all over the U.S. Depending on the clients comfort level we often interact via phone or video call. It is common to maintain email contact in between coaching calls. Scheduling is done either over phone or email. Payments are handled by PayPal. Of course, if you live in my local area we can schedule in-person coaching meetings.

4 What is a coaching session like?

A: The exact content will vary depending on the types of goals we are trying to achieve. In general coaching involve a lot of sharing and ideation. You should expect the coach to generally be caring and inquisitive. A coach is trained to identify blocking thoughts, actions and patterns you may, or more importantly may not be aware of. A coach will bring these forward and help you breakthrough these sticking points into a more positive place. As a client you are in control of what and how much you are comfortable working on. However if you want to work on deeper, more emotional, things your coach will go there with you.